The Anne Boleyn Collection is Released!

How about this for timing? As of today, the 3rd birthday of The Anne Boleyn Files site, the Kindle version of “The Anne Boleyn Collection” is available on both and Amazon UK!

I’m so pleased and so very excited. It’s already had three 5 star reviews – thank you so much to those people. And thank you to those who are busy spreading the message via Facebook and Twitter etc. I really do appreciate all the support I’m receiving, it’s so encouraging.

Here are the Amazon links

Amazon are working on the paperback listing as we speak so do keep an eye out for that. If you buy a copy of the Kindle version, I’d be happy to add a message to it and sign it “virtually” for you. You can request this through

I’d love to make a gallery on this site of Anne Boleyn Collection customers. Just have a photo taken holding your copy of the book (Kindle or paperback) and I’ll add it on here. Email photos to

Thank you for making this book possible!

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