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3000 Copies of The Anne Boleyn Collection Sold in 6 Weeks

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Another milestone! Yesterday, I looked at the sales figures for The Anne Boleyn Collection for February and March on Amazon and was surprised and happy to see a total of 3019. This figure covers Kindle sales and paperback sales through Amazon and Amazon international, but not sales through other book sellers and shops, so I’m bowled over. Thank you to everyone who purchase a copy and also to those who reviewed it and spread the message

I won’t be posting any more sales figures but I just wanted to share this milestone and also say a big thank you – Thank you!

Remember, I am happy to sign your paperback or Kindle through Kindlegraph or by signing a bookplate for you. See Signed Books for details. Check out the Extras page for videos and screensavers too.

2000 Copies of The Anne Boleyn Collection Sold in Less than 5 Weeks!

Monday, March 19th, 2012

I’m spending my life celebrating at the moment because it seems that we keep keep hitting targets and reaching milestones!

On the 8th March, three weeks after publication, I was reporting hitting the 1000 sales mark and now, on the 19th March, four and a half weeks after publication, we’ve hit 2000! Today, at 11.44am Central European time, The Anne Boleyn Collection had sold 2006 copies! It’s also still No. 1 on one of the Amazon Best Sellers Charts.

I can’t quite believe it and am so grateful for the support and the way that people have spread the message – Thank you!

More bubbly for me today, I think!

The Anne Boleyn Collection – 1 Month Update

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The rollercoaster ride continues! It’s only been just over a week since I posted that The Anne Boleyn Collection book had sold its 1000th copy and things are crazier than ever!

Today marks the one month anniversary since The Anne Boleyn Collection went live for sale on and at 8 o’clock this morning it had sold 1706 copies in total.

It’s still at No. 1 in the Biographies & Memoirs/Historical section of Amazon UK’s Kindle store:-

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #344 Paid in Kindle Store
#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction > Biographies & Memoirs > Historical
#6 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction > History > UK
#6 in Books > Biography > Historical > Countries & Regions > Europe

I’m obviously thrilled to bits by its success, but what makes me even happier is that there are that many people out there reading about Anne Boleyn right now! Hurrah!

1000 Copies Sold in 3 Weeks!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

What a rollercoaster ride it has been! On the 23rd February 2012, one week after publication of The Anne Boleyn Collection, I reported the progress of the book. I had reached a high of 2,582 in the Amazon Sales Rankings and was No.6 on the Kindle Store for History>Europe>England. Well, here is a screen capture from the 7th March:-

As you can see, I got to 1,598 in the rankings and to No. 4 in the History>Europe>England bestseller list for Kindle books. I was also No.1 in Hot New Releases in that category and No. 2 in Top Rated. The book also now has sixteen 5 star reviews, which is wonderful – thank you to all those who’ve left reviews!

As it is exactly three weeks today since the Kindle version went live on the Amazon website (16th February), I wanted to share with you the sales figures. I looked at 10.30 this morning (Spain time) and the total for Kindle and paperback sales was 1024 copies sold! Over 1000 copies in three weeks! I was stunned and thrilled.

The response to The Anne Boleyn Collection has been overwhelming and I’ve received so many lovely comments and emails from happy readers, which is what every author wants at the end of the day. So, a big thank you to those who have bought the book, those who have spread the message and those Tudor history bloggers who’ve been a part of the virtual book tour I’m doing at the moment – Thank you!